Meet Tina

I’m a working mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a friend, from a long line of strong women. I’ve been a small-business owner, a non-profit executive, a community activist, and a public servant. I’m a hard worker, an organizer, a problem-solver — and yes, an optimist, even when it’s tough to be one. Like most women, I’ve often had to improvise and juggle it all in the faith that things will somehow work out.

I consider myself lucky to be a Minnesotan by choice. I was born and raised in New Mexico, where my parents taught me about the value and responsibility of giving back to my community. My husband Archie and I first came to Minnesota 34 years ago, when I started a marketing job at General Mills. We rolled into Minnesota in an old, beat-up, orange car with a busted defroster, which meant we had to keep the windows rolled down even when it was 20 below. Yep, that was us.

Archie and I started our family in St. Louis Park, where we had our sons Mason and Sam. All these years later, our family has grown to include two wonderful daughters-in-law, and we’re blessed to all live within five miles of each other.

After a few years, I started my own small business and grew it successfully, all while volunteering in our community – often with a kid or two in tow. I left the private sector when I had the opportunity to expand health care access for women, joining Planned Parenthood as an executive. Then I was called into public service, first as chief of staff to then-Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, then as chief of staff to Governor Mark Dayton.

President Obama and Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak -- I've learned a lot from both leaders.
We're huge Lynx fans -- WNBA Champs 2017!
Circa 1977
Archie and the kids
It's never too cold for a good game with my friend, Senator Klobuchar.
With my mother, Chris

In 2014, Governor Dayton asked me to step up yet again and serve as Minnesota’s lieutenant governor, which I had the great privilege of doing for the last three years. Being lieutenant governor is like being invited into Minnesota’s living room: traveling to every part of our amazing state, meeting people from every walk of life, listening to people talk about their hopes and dreams, their fears and concerns, what they were doing and how we might be able to help. I did my best to take what I learned back to the State Capitol, working every day on solutions that would help improve people’s lives.

While we still face many challenges as a state, I’m proud of what we accomplished together: working with Governor Dayton to bring Minnesota’s unemployment rate down to one of the lowest in America, making our tax system fairer for the middle class, helping close the economic gaps between white people and people of color, and solving the budget deficit we inherited. No wonder we were just named the “Best Run State in America”. A lot done. So much more to do.

And now I have the privilege to serve as your Senator. While I never anticipated or planned for this, my life has prepared me well for it. I’ve never been one to shrink from a challenge or opportunity to live what I’ve learned from my parents, my family, and the people of Minnesota: work hard, be humble, treat people with respect, and do what you can to help improve people’s lives. Those are the values that have guided me in my life and now guide me in my work as your Senator. I look forward to meeting many of you in the months ahead, earning your trust, and serving you as best I can.