Tina’s Vision

Tina is a fierce advocate for a Minnesota that works for everyone -- not just the lucky few. As Paul Wellstone said, "we all do better when we all do better."

The Minnesota Way Forward

A few Americans are just born into opportunity. They’re handed all the tools, and all the connections, and all the capital it takes to build any kind of life they can imagine. And as Tina’s dad would say, good for them. But for the majority of Americans, opportunity isn’t something you’re given. It’s something you have to earn through hard work.

And Tina is willing to do the work and work hard. Her belief is grounded in what she knows to be true about fellow Minnesotans: we get together to solve problems, to lift each other up, to find and stand on common ground. We’re creative, we’re practical, and we don’t just complain about what’s holding us back — we come up with solutions.

Tina knows that the wealthy and powerful are no match for the people of this state when we join our voices together, fight for the value and dignity of our work, and each do our part to make a generation of progress a reality. And when hard work isn’t enough, she’s ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with Minnesotans to make sure opportunity is available. As long as Tina has the honor of serving as your Senator, she’s going to keep using her voice to speak up and fight for the American values that are under attack every day.

Where Tina Stands

A Strong and Diverse Economy

With a diverse economy and economic opportunity, businesses can grow and workers can get better pay and better jobs. But now, as the country faces unprecedented times, Tina is working hard to make sure Minnesota’s workers and small businesses have access to the resources they need. Tina knows the importance of rebuilding American manufacturing, building an American medical supply chain, and finding common ground to rebuild the middle class.

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Affordable High-Quality Health Care

Every Minnesota family deserves high-quality health care they can afford. And now more than ever, as the country faces an unprecedented health crisis, Tina is committed to fighting for affordable health care, because nobody should have to choose between paying for health care and putting food on the table.

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Quality Education for All Minnesotans

Education is the engine of opportunity and it ought to be available to all of us, not just some of us. Tina understands that education drives opportunity and it should be affordable and accessible to everyone.

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Action on Gun Violence

We can address the epidemic of gun violence with common-sense reforms.

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Supporting Minnesota’s Farmers and Rural Communities

Agriculture is at the heart of Minnesota’s economy. Tina is focused on making sure Minnesota farmers have a strong voice in Congress.

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Women’s Economic Health and Security

Women still don’t have equal autonomy, opportunity, or pay as men do. As the only Senator to have worked for Planned Parenthood, Tina knows the importance of fighting for reproductive justice.

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Protecting and Preserving Social Security

Social Security is the bedrock of economic and retirement security of the American middle class. Tina believes we should expand Social Security and ensure that it remains solvent in the long term.

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Supporting our Veterans

One of our most solemn duties is to take care of the people who served in our armed forces. Tina is committed to making sure they receive and have access to the benefits they’ve earned.

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Standing up for our LGBTQ+ Family

Every American deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Tina believes we need to defend the progress that has been made for LGBTQ+ equality and fight the injustices that still exist for too many LGBTQ+ Americans.

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Tribal Communities

We must stand shoulder to shoulder with our Native communities and hear their needs and see their contributions.

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Protecting our Environment

We need to address climate change, protect our country’s national treasures, and fight back against efforts by this Administration to roll back responsible environmental policy.

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Dreamers and Immigrants

Minnesota’s communities are strong because of our immigrant neighbors and friends. We need to make sure our immigration system is one that is reflective of our country’s values and needs and one that prioritizes the dignity of the individuals seeking opportunity in the United States.

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Taking on Special Interests and Campaign Finance Reform

We need to end the influence of corporate special interests and dark money on politicians. Tina believes we will only be able to build an economy that works for everyone if we reform this broken system.

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Strengthening Collective Bargaining Rights

When workers are able to join together to fight for livable wages, a safe work environment, and quality benefits for their families, we all do better. That’s why Tina believes that collective bargaining is a fundamental right for workers, and makes for stronger communities and families.

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Trade plays a critical role in Minnesota’s economy. Tina supports fair trade, but knows trade can’t be a one-size fits all approach.

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Supporting Arts and Culture

Arts and culture are an important part of Minnesota’s identity, economy, and quality of life. That’s why Tina is committed to sustaining and advancing arts and cultural opportunities for all.

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Justice for George Floyd and Transforming Policing

Tina wants justice for George Floyd, and justice includes accountability for all the officers who were involved in his murder. Tina also says we need to face up to the disparities in opportunity that hurt Black, Brown and Indigenous people every day, and we need to use this moment to take action.

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