Minnesotans Need To Know

Sept. 4, 2020

Minnesotans need to know that Jason Lewis is against compromise and working together. Lewis actually said that bipartisanship and compromise makes him nervous and that you can’t meet people you disagree with in the middle.

Minnesotans need to know that Jason Lewis is so rigid and unyielding that he puts his own views before what’s best for Minnesota, making him unable to work with others to get things done.

Here’s the proof:

Lewis’s my way or the highway approach includes his argument that women don’t deserve the same protection and consideration as men. He has argued that sexual harassment laws to protect people infringe on his free speech. He also said that women who care about contraception are without a brain. And he opposed laws that provide health care protection for women, including coverage for preventive care and stopping insurers from charging women more than men.

And Lewis has been rigid and unyielding in his support for raising the retirement age for Social Security, while also speaking in support of undoing Medicare. Lewis voted to cut over half a trillion dollars from Medicare and opposed allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices.

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