GOP Senate Candidate Jason Lewis Says ‘Forget About Compromising’ & ‘You Must Obliterate’ People with Opposing Views

ST. PAUL [09/14/20]–In previously unreported tapes from the Jason Lewis Show, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis reveals just how far his opposition to compromise and working together across the aisle goes.

On his show in February of 2013, Lewis said “I’ve tried to tell you people, forget about compromising with the left, you must defeat the left.” He continues by saying “forget about reaching out to the left, you must obliterate the left…these people are socially, ethically, economically, and I would argue, morally bankrupt.

Lewis is quick to express wanting to obliterate those who disagree with him, but he has no problem being a rubber stamp for President Trump. Just last week, when Lewis was asked if there were any issues he and President Trump disagreed on, Lewis saidI have no disagreements,” even when the president has misled Americans on the severity of COVID-19 and continued lawsuits to take away protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

While Lewis blasts compromise, Minnesota Sen. Tina Smith has a strong record of working across the aisle to get things done for Minnesotans.

Sen. Smith has had over a dozen of her bills and provisions signed into law, having worked with Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski to expand mental health services, Republican Senator Mike Rounds to improve rural health care, Republican Senator Rob Portman to protect the tax exempt status of rural co-ops, and with Republican Senator Bill Cassidy to help lower the cost of insulin.

Minnesotans can count on Sen. Smith to work in their best interests to move the ball forward on important issues and get things done. Jason Lewis proves time and time again that he will pursue his own extreme views at the expense of what’s in Minnesotans’ best interests.

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