Jason Lewis Said Hearing ‘Working Together’ with Democrats Would Make Him ‘Implode’ & Said it is the ‘Most Nauseating Cop-Out’

ST. PAUL [09/17/20]––Jason Lewis–Republican candidate for U.S. Senate–wants everyone to know that hearing the words “working together”with Democrats makes him want to “implode” and says it’s the “most nauseating cop-out.” That’s what he proudly proclaimed in an interview with Bob Davis in 2014, espousing yet again his extreme views and penchant for supporting gridlock. He has also fallen in line with President Trump’s rigid ideology, declaring he has “no disagreements” with the President–showing that his allegiance to Trump would get in the way of what’s best for Minnesotans.

Lewis doesn’t just talk about being opposed to working together with Democrats, his actions back his claim up. The former one-term congressman was the only member of the Minnesota delegation–Republican or Democrat–to vote against the 2018 Farm Bill that provided a crucial lifeline and much-needed stability to Minnesota farmers, and included permanent funding for veteran, minority, and beginning farmers. Lewis put his own views ahead of Minnesotans and voted against billions in aid, saving the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP), and legalizing hemp.

When it came to the time Minnesota farmers needed him most, Lewis pushed his own rigid views and was unwilling to put Minnesotans first and back legislation supported by Republicans and Democrats alike.

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