MPR Debate Countdown: Republican Senate Candidate Jason Lewis Spreads Misinformation about COVID-19 and Other Conspiracy Theories

ST. PAUL [9/29/20]–For more than six months, GOP Senate candidate Jason Lewis has been spreading misinformation regarding COVID-19. With America recently surpassing 200,000 COVID-related deaths, Lewis’ comments aren’t just ignorant, they are dangerous and pose a risk to Minnesotans’ health.

Lewis has made clear that he is opposed to basic measures recommended by public health experts to keep Minnesotans safe and healthy, like wearing a mask and social distancing. He has questioned the COVID-19 death toll, claimed that children could not spread the virus, pushed a conspiracy theory that the government would force mandatory tattoos to show who received a COVID-19 vaccine, and dismissed COVID-19 as simply a “wintertime sickness.” Steve Bannon, Trump’s former White House strategist and campaign senior advisor, scolded Lewis for questioning the death toll.

Along with spreading misinformation regarding COVID-19, Lewis also pushes other conspiracy theories. In the latest debate, hosted by Duluth News Tribune, Lewis brought up a debunked conspiracy theory regarding the current wildfires in California and Pacific Northwest saying: “And by the way, when it comes to the wildfires, it is amazing how smart these wildfires are.” Lewis also said: “I don’t know what it is, but they’re very, very, intelligent because they seem to stop at the Canadian border.” This conspiracy was debunked based on the fact that the wildfires have spread to Canada, Lewis was referencing a map of wildfires in the United States.

Now more than ever, we need leaders who are dedicated to protecting Minnesotans. While former Congressman Jason Lewis spreads dangerous misinformation and conspiracy theories, Senator Smith has been hard at work making sure Minnesotans have the help they need amid this pandemic.

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