MPR Debate Countdown: Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Jason Lewis Puts Partisan Politics Before Hard-Working Minnesotans

ST. PAUL [10/01/20]–Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis’ words–and his record–make it clear he puts his rigid views and partisan politics ahead of what’s best for Minnesotans.

Before he was voted out of office by Minnesotans, Lewis voted in favor of Donald Trump’s tax plan that slashed taxes for the wealthy and big corporations while ballooning the national deficit. Eighty two percent of the bill’s benefits will go to the top one percent by the year 2027.

Lewis has shown his allegiance to partisan politics many times, including when asked about whether he disagrees with anything that the President has said or done. Lewis responded by saying “I agree with his policies, so why would I oppose anything?” He has also said, “…it’s not a time to look for a crack in the movement,” and “I have no disagreements.” Whether it’s Trump’s disastrous tax cut, his proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare, or hurting Minnesota’s farmers, Jason Lewis has made it clear he does not have the guts to stand up to Trump on behalf of working Minnesotan families.

Meanwhile, Senator Tina Smith has worked across the aisle to get things done, like passing into law her bill to help lower the price of insulin, and helping write and pass the bipartisan Farm Bill. Minnesotans want someone who cares about them, and who can get things done. It’s time to send Sen. Smith back to Washington.

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