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Smith a true progressive

We are the state that elected Wellstone, Humphrey and Mondale — senators who fought hard to make sure every Minnesotan has the freedom and opportunity to live the life they want to live. The way we can continue this tradition is by electing another great progressive like Tina Smith.

The opposition to Tina Smith in the DFL primary is Republican operative Richard Painter, who worked with the Bush Administration to put Roberts and Alito on the Supreme Court. Painter has spent his career attacking progressive values like union organizing and reproductive health-care access, and he sits on a board of a conservative foundation that funds groups linked to the Koch brothers.

How are we supposed to trust him to defend our values in an age where basic human rights are constantly under attack?

Minnesotans deserve representatives we can trust. I will be voting for Sen. Tina Smith in the Aug. 14 DFL primary because I’ve seen her work hard on issues like affordable health care, renewable energy and humane immigration policy throughout her time in office. I trust her because she is a true lifelong progressive.

Andrew Wentzlaff


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