Tina's Vision

Tina is a fierce advocate for a Minnesota that works for everyone -- not just the lucky few. As Paul Wellstone said, "we all do better when we all do better."

Tina is a fierce advocate for a Minnesota that works for everyone – not just the lucky few. And she knows that when we work together and put Minnesota values first, nothing can stop us from turning that vision into reality.

The Minnesota Way Forward

It’s true: we are living through one of the most challenging times in the history of our country. Many of those in Washington seem to think their job is to take care of the wealthy and powerful – at the expense of working and middle-class families.

But Tina believes that things can – and will – change for the better. Her belief is grounded in what she knows to be true about fellow Minnesotans: we get together to solve problems, to lift each other up, to find and stand on common ground. We’re creative, we’re practical, and we don’t just complain about what’s holding us back – we come up with solutions.

Tina knows they’re no match for the people of this state when we come together, stand shoulder to shoulder, and each do our part to create the reality Paul Wellstone described where "we all do better when we all do better."

Where Tina Stands

A Strong and Diverse Economy

Tina is a fierce advocate for economic opportunity and a diverse economy that works for everyone so that businesses grow and workers get better jobs and better pay. To build a diverse economy, Tina believes we need to invest in manufacturing and technology, help small businesses grow and create jobs, and expand our agriculture economy.

Tina championed raising the minimum wage in Minnesota. She supports expanding paid family and medical leave so that parents can stay home to take care of their children and family members without the worry of losing a paycheck. Tina introduced a bill in the Senate to develop more local partnerships to promote career and skill training opportunities

Workforce for Today’s Economy

Tina recognizes that not every young person in Minnesota will go to a four-year college, or that they want to. That is why she travels the state bringing together high schools, two-year community and technical colleges and local businesses to promote career and skill training opportunities. In fact, she recently introduced a bill in the Senate to help develop more of these partnerships. Tina is committed to finding solutions to help ensure Minnesotans have the skills to fill high-demand jobs and help close the skills gap.

Affordable High-Quality Health Care

Tina believes every Minnesota family deserves access to high-quality health care that they can afford. When Tina talks to Minnesotans, the number one issue she hears about is the rising cost of healthcare – including the cost of prescription drugs. That is why Tina supports universal health care, is working to hold Big Pharma responsible, and fighting for solutions to save Minnesotans money.

Universal Health Coverage

  • Tina believes single-payer health care would be the most direct way to ensure universal coverage so that everyone has the care they need and that nobody has to choose between health care and putting food on the table for their family.
  • She is also focused on what can be done right now to defend against the President and his administration’s attacks on health care and making sure Minnesotans have affordable, quality coverage under our current system.
  • That’s why she is a co-sponsor of Sen. Brian Schatz’s State Public Option Act, which would allow Americans to purchase Medicaid coverage; as well as Sens. Chris Murphy and Jeff Merkley’s Choose Medicare Act, which would allow individuals and businesses to buy in to an enhanced benefit plan under Medicare.

As Lt. Governor, Tina took a similar approach:

  • Tina played an instrumental role in developing a plan to expand MinnesotaCare so that everybody, no matter where they lived in the state, could access affordable health insurance that offered excellent benefits through a public option.
  • She also pushed for the MinnesotaCare buy-in because it is the fastest and most efficient way to get people covered in the near term.

Lowering the Cost of Prescription Drugs

  • The first bill Tina introduced would help to lower the cost of prescription drugs by addressing a corporate loophole that giant drug companies use to game the system and keep affordable generic drugs off the market. This unfair practice makes it harder for seniors, families, and all Minnesotans with medical needs to afford life-saving drugs.
  • Tina is not only pushing legislation, she also wrote letters to Big Pharma CEOs asking them what they did with the money they got from the GOP tax bill and whether the money was used to lower prescription drug prices for consumers.

Addressing the Opioid Epidemic

Too many Minnesotans are losing their lives to the opioid epidemic. That is why Tina is working with community leaders, health care professionals, and lawmakers to find a bipartisan solution for the opioid crisis.

  • In the Senate, she is supporting a bill that would require prescription drug companies to pay a “penny-a-pill” and help fund treatment options to end this devastating epidemic that is plaguing our communities.
  • As Lt. Governor, Tina also advocated for better prevention and treatment options.

Expanding Mental Health Services in our Schools

Tina wrote legislation with Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska to help expand mental health services in schools and local communities to ensure our children, wherever they live, have access to the resources they need.

Quality Education for All Minnesotans

Every student deserves a strong public education system from early childhood to adulthood that prepares them for the workforce.

All-Day Kindergarten

As Lt. Governor, Tina fought an uphill battle to establish all-day kindergarten for all Minnesota children. Supporting our littlest learners improves access to education and helps close the achievement gap while saving parents from costly childcare expenses.

College Affordability

The student debt crisis is out of control. As tuition continues to skyrocket, Tina hears from too many Minnesotans facing financial uncertainty from looming student loans. That’s why Tina is working with Senator Elizabeth Warren to help reduce the burden of student debt by allowing people to refinance their student loans at lower rates. On top of tuition, textbooks add to the amount students need to spend. To address this, Tina helped secure $5 million to be used for a pilot that helps allows students to cut down on the expense of costly textbooks.

Action on Gun Violence

Tina is working to pass common-sense reforms to help end needless gun violence. That is why Tina is standing up to the NRA and working to ensure all people can feel safe at their schools, in their communities, and at their places of worship. Tina has never and will never take money from the NRA.

Common-sense Reforms

Now is the time to pass much-needed gun reforms. Tina is the cosponsor of bills to expand background checks and to ban the sale of bump stocks, assault weapons, and high-capacity magazines. She is also working with Senator Amy Klobuchar to ban people convicted of stalking from having firearms.

Support Minnesota Traditions

Tina understands and respects Minnesota's long-standing hunting traditions. As a hunter and angler, Tina will work with Minnesotans to urge Congress to make our communities safer.

Supporting Minnesota’s Farmers and Rural Communities

A growing agricultural economy and vibrant rural communities are the heart of Minnesota. As a member of the Agriculture Committee, Tina is working to pass a Farm Bill that invests in Minnesota farmers and rural communities, and expands essential broadband infrastructure across the state.

Working with Minnesota Farmers

Tina fought for a spot on the Agriculture Committee because agriculture touches every community in Minnesota. That's why Tina travels across the state to meet with farmers in their community and listen to what matters to them. Tina is working to pass a Farm Bill that prioritizes Minnesota farmers by investing in farm-to-table programs that bring locally grown food to Minnesota schools and restaurants; including strong safety net programs for those dealing with low commodity prices, and keeping nutrition assistance programs in the bill.

Tina has also cosponsored bipartisan legislation to expand Minnesota's farm exports by helping farmers, rural cooperatives, and small businesses sell more commodities abroad.

Expand Rural Broadband

Access to reliable and affordable broadband is critical for rural and tribal communities. That is why Tina has introduced a bill to increase available funding for broadband projects in tribal communities and in remote and low-income areas. Tina’s bill would expand broadband to areas that are not currently served, allowing Minnesotans the opportunity to connect, compete, and create the lives they want.

Affordable Housing Across Minnesota

In many places in rural Minnesota, there is a devastating lack of affordable housing. Tina has introduced legislation to help Minnesotans afford to stay in their homes by maintaining rental assistance through the Rural Housing Service at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It's important we do everything we can to help families and seniors stay in their homes and their communities.

Women’s Economic Health and Security

Women deserve economic opportunity and fairness as well as reproductive freedom. As Lt. Governor, Tina helped develop and pass landmark bipartisan legislation which works to close the gender pay gap by helping to ensure equal pay for equal work, increases workplace protections, and expands medical family leave. Tina is leading on this issue in the Senate as

Equal Pay

While we have made progress as a nation toward closing the long-standing gender pay gap, women, especially women of color, earn far less than then men on average. That is why Tina is co-sponsoring The Paycheck Fairness Act to addresses this by helping to ensure all women can succeed.


Tina is a strong advocate for women’s health. As a former Planned Parenthood executive, she deeply respects the right of women to make the best healthcare decisions for themselves and their families – and is committed to protecting this right.

Supporting our Veterans

Tina is strongly committed to making sure we support our veterans and their families.

Hire Veterans

Veterans make a selfless commitment to our country, and they deserve the utmost respect when they return home. That is why Tina is working with Minnesota businesses so that they hire veterans – making sure that when vets return home, they get the support they need and opportunities they deserve.

Quality and Timely Health Care for Veterans

Veterans should have access to quality, timely health care. That is why Tina is committed to pushing the Department of Veterans Affairs to end the backlog of cases so that veterans don't have to wait months to get treatment – which can put the lives of patients at risk.

Standing up for our LGBTQ Family

We need to defend the progress that’s been made for LGBTQ equality and fight the injustices that still exist for too many LGBTQ Americans. That is why Tina pushed to pass marriage equality making Minnesota the 12th state to legalize same-sex marriage, that’s why she pushed for legislation to prevent bullying in Minnesota schools, and why she is supporting a bill to make it illegal to fire someone for being LGBTQ.

Tribal Communities

Tina is working closely with Minnesota’s eleven tribal communities to make sure they have the resources and support to address critical issues like the lack of housing, workforce needs, the opioid crisis, and holding non-native people responsible for crimes committed on tribal land.

Tina introduced the Community Connect Grant Program to help increase available funding for broadband projects in tribal communities. Expanding broadband to areas that are not currently served is essential to making sure Minnesotans can connect, compete, and create the lives they want.

She also introduced a bill to help tribal communities in Minnesota address the opioid crisis by making sure they have the resources to tackle this issue in a way that works for tribal communities; and has called on the U.S. Department of Agriculture to host an opioid roundtable in Minnesota to hear from farmers, tribal communities and families dealing with this epidemic.

Protecting our Environment

Tina Smith is a strong champion and defender of Minnesota’s land, water, and air, and believes that protecting our environment is a fundamental obligation of government. As a member of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, she is committed to tackling issues like climate change, protecting our country’s national treasures and to leading the fight against efforts to roll back responsible environmental policy.

Her strong environmental record is why she has earned the endorsements of the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund and the National Resources Defense Council.

Fighting Climate Change

  • Tina believes climate change is a fundamental threat to all Americans. As Senator, a top priority has been protecting climate progress made under President Obama’s administration. That has meant standing up to EPA chief Scott Pruitt and his plans to roll back auto efficiency standards.
  • Tina strongly supports keeping the U.S. in the Paris Climate Agreement and has led the fight against President Trump’s proposed drastic funding cuts for energy efficiency and renewable energy at the Department of Energy.
  • Tina also believes that our country must essentially eliminate net greenhouse gas emissions this century.
  • As Lt. Gov., she led the fight to raise Minnesota’s Renewable Energy Standard to fifty percent by the year 2030 to improve our air quality, continue to drive down the cost of renewable energy, and generate new energy jobs.

Ensuring Clean Water

Tina’s track record, including as Lt. Gov., shows that she works tirelessly to protect our Minnesota lakes, rivers, and groundwater.

  • As Senator, she introduced the Strengthening Our Investment in Land Stewardship Act, a bill that will do much to encourage farming practices that protect water quality.
  • Tina also cosponsored a bill to permanently reauthorize the vital Land and Water Conservation Fund.
  • She recently stood with other Great Lakes Senators to block attempts to weaken ballast water discharge rules.

Protecting the Boundary Waters

Like many Minnesotans, Sen. Smith has a personal connection to the Boundary Waters. She has spent time there with her family and her kids have spent many summers up there. Sen. Smith knows that such places must absolutely be protected. She believes any project should adhere to a rigorous and strict environmental review and she will never support a project that she believes is going to hurt the Boundary Waters.

Agriculture and Conservation

Tina believes we must provide all farmers with the resources they need to apply conservation practices.

  • She introduced the Strengthening Our Investment in Land Stewardship Act. The bill will improve and expand programs to encourage a range of conservation practices.
  • On the Agriculture Committee, Tina is also championing renewable energy funding in the Farm Bill.
  • She introduced the Agricultural Energy Programs Reauthorization Act of 2018 help bring clean energy to rural communities.

Protection for Dreamers and Immigrants

We need to stand up with immigrant communities and protect those facing unfair deportation.

  • Tina supports a pathway to citizenship for DREAMERS and opposes the President's actions to end DACA
  • She pushed to prevent the President’s unfair and unnecessary deportation agenda impacting Minnesota’s Liberian community
  • Tina introduced the HELP Separated Children Act to help force ICE to defend families, not separate them

Taking on Special Interests and Campaign Finance Reform

It’s time to end the system of unlimited dark money that is corrupting our elections. In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of unlimited, unaccountable political campaign spending making it easy for billionaires and special interest groups to secretly spend billions to sway elections. That’s why Tina supports a Constitutional Amendment that would reverse the Citizens United decision and end the ridiculous influence of corporate money in politics.

Strengthening Unions and Fighting Unfair Trade Deals

Unions play a critical role in Minnesota’s economy – they provide workers with livable wages, a safe work environment and quality benefits for their families. That’s why Tina supports working together at the state and federal level to strengthen the rights for people to organize, collectively improve working conditions, and protect their pensions.

Protect Hard-Earned Pensions

Tina was appointed to the newly created bipartisan committee on pensions to address the crisis that is putting the pensions of more than 22,000 retired Minnesotans at risk. Tina is concerned that allowing pension plans to fail will create a ripple effect that would devastate Minnesota families, businesses, and communities. Minnesotans who have worked and paid into their retirement plan their whole lives should not have to worry about how they take care of themselves when they retire. That is why Tina will fight to protect the pensions of hard-working Minnesotans.

End Harmful Trade Policies

Minnesota's Iron Range is an essential part of our economy, and illegal steel dumping puts too many jobs in Minnesota's Northland at risk. Tina's first trip as Senator was to Eveleth, Minnesota – the heart of the Iron Range – to listen to the issues steelworkers are currently facing. She pressed President Trump to take action to combat foreign steel imports that were threatening our national security, and she supports efforts to end steel dumping and hold foreign governments who don't play by the rules accountable.

As the trade discussion in Washington continues, Tina has pushed the President to support trade policies that help Minnesota communities and businesses.

Minnesota Values

In Minnesota, we’re proud of our inclusivity. Yet even here, women still earn less than men. We must do better -- and we will. The wage gap leaves millions of women and their families behind. Women on average still make 80 cents to the dollar, while women of color earn even less. Stand with Tina: Equal pay for all women, because none of us succeed unless all of us succeed.

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