Protecting and Preserving Social Security

Minnesotans save now so come retirement they have income they can count on. We should expand programs like Social Security, while making sure that it remains solvent in the long term. Tina strongly opposes benefit cuts and privatization. She also opposes the Republican tax law, passed at the end of 2017, that adds $1.5 trillion to our national debt, largely benefits the wealthy, and risks major cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

We have to make sure that after a lifetime of work, Social Security is available for you once you retire. That means making sure Social Security benefits are easily accessible to recipients, people aren’t unfairly penalized for earning benefits later in their career, and that the Social Security trust fund is sufficiently solvent.

In the Senate, Tina has co-sponsored legislation that would make sure all of these can happen. She co-sponsored the bipartisan Social Security Fairness Act, which would make sure law enforcement officers, firefighters, and other state employees aren’t unfairly penalized by earning Social Security benefits later in their careers.

Tina also co-sponsors Senator Mazie Hirono’s Protecting and Preserving Social Security Act, which would ensure that Social Security benefits reflect the increasing costs faced by seniors and improve the long-term solvency of the Social Security trust fund.

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