Strengthening Collective Bargaining Rights

Collective bargaining rights make for strong communities and families. When workers join together, they are often better able to secure livable wages, a safe work environment, and quality benefits for families.

Tina continues to stand up to attacks on labor unions that are fighting for better wages and fair treatment on the job, because she knows the benefits of standing together in solidarity. Tina has led legislation to limit taxpayer-funded federal contracts for companies that repeatedly violate workers’ rights. In addition, she is a co-sponsor of the Protecting the Right to Organize Act, which strengthens collective bargaining rights for workers and established strong penalties against employers who violate federal law by interfering with union elections. Finally, she has co-sponsored legislation that fights wage theft and gets workers the wages they have earned.

While states continue to attack workers’ rights to organize, Tina is working in the Senate to make sure Americans earn their fair share and that their rights are protected.

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