Taking on Special Interests and Campaign Finance Reform

It’s time to get dark money and corruption out of politics. The only way we can build an economy that works for everyone is if we put an end to the influence that corporate special interests and dark money have on politicians. We need to increase transparency in our campaigns so that the people know just exactly which leaders will stand up to corruption and fight the special interests.

Tina supports reversing the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision that allowed unlimited amounts of dark money into our elections. She also supports legislation to make organizations buying ads online disclose who they are and who funded them, supports changing the way Senate elections are financed, and co-sponsored legislation to end campaign contributions by foreign-controlled corporations. Tina is proud to be endorsed by the advocacy group End Citizens United.

And to protect our democracy, Tina knows how important it is to make sure that our elections are protected from foreign influence. That’s why Tina co-sponsors the Duty to Report Act, which would require campaigns to report any offers by foreign powers to influence an election in any way.

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