Women’s Economic Health and Security

Equal pay shouldn’t be a partisan issue. Equal pay for equal work is good for all Americans. We’ve made important progress in Minnesota to close the pay gap, but too many women — especially women of color — still don’t get paid the same as men in the same job. That’s why Tina supports the Paycheck Fairness Act, which will help close the longstanding pay gap between men and women.

People also don’t have economic opportunity and security if they don’t have the right to make decisions about their own body or how to raise a family. As the only Senator to have worked for Planned Parenthood, Tina believes that someone’s decision about their health care should be between them and their provider. As both Lt. Governor and Senator, Tina has fought to protect reproductive health care and stood against the endless assaults on reproductive rights.

We’ve also got to make sure that when someone has a family, they have the resources available to take care of their kids. Tina heard from child care providers across Minnesota about the need for more resources and introduced the Child Care Supply Improvement Act, which would help communities invest in their child care facilities. This includes helping them meet health and safety requirements, administer high quality care, and perform a needs assessment to prioritize resources. She is also a co-sponsor of Senator Patty Murray’s Child Care for Working Families Act, which would make sure that low-income families have access to affordable child care and early education options.

Tina also supports the FAMILY Act to provide paid family leave to allow parents to take time off work, with pay, to care for a new child or a sick family member.

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