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We need Senator Smith to be our voice in D.C.

Farming is an essential part of Minnesota’s success; it powers transportation, puts food on the table, and creates jobs across the state. When we support our farmers, Minnesota’s whole economy is strong. Senator Tina Smith knows this better than anyone. She’s earned my vote this November because she’s been working hard every day in the Senate to support Minnesota farmers.

As soon as Senator Smith got to the Senate, she launched a statewide listening tour to hear from Minnesota farmers on what their priorities are for the Farm Bill. She took what she heard from those sessions and immediately got to work writing measures in the Senate Farm Bill that expands critical broadband infrastructure to more farms across Minnesota and supports new farmers. At a time when politicians seem more interested in playing partisan games than taking real action to improve people’s lives, it was inspiring to see Senator Smith work across the aisle to pass these measures with overwhelming bipartisan support.

Senator Smith’s record of hard work and fierce advocacy for an agricultural economy that works for everyone make her the clear choice in this year’s election. I hope you’ll join me in voting for Senator Smith. We need representatives like Senator Smith to be our champion and our voice in Washington.

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